Ernest R. Sawyer Enterprises, Inc. group of professionals advised and managed in excess 40+ projects totaling over $5 billion

About Ernest R. Sawyer Enterprises

Ernest R. Sawyer, President, founded ERS in 1992. Currently the firm is the largest African-American urban economic development consulting firm in the Chicago land area. Mr. Sawyer's vision for creating the firm was drawn from his 30 plus years of urban planning experience with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Transit Authority. Over the past twenty four years the firm has grown to advise and manage approximately $5 billion in projects. The firm is uniquely structured into two integrated operating units: Economic Development Advisory Services Unit and the Construction Consulting Unit.

Team Members

Mishaune Sawyer

General Counsel, Senior Project Manager



Construction Consulting Services Unit is responsible for the advisory and management of construction projects in which ERS is named as Owner’s Representative or where we serve as a part of the Owner's Representative team depending on the size of the project. 

Economic Devolpment Advisory

Economic development advisory unit advises clients in regards to issues surrounding the revitalization and development of urban real estate in the City of Chicago. The unit has created and participated in the designation of more than 20 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in the City of Chicago and has worked on behalf of the City on several TIF Amendments..

Diversity Consulting

ERS is expert at insuring that development processes are in full compliance with local, state and federal rules and standards with respect to participation by minority and woman owned business enterprises. ERS has worked with developers and owners to identify those business enterprises that will facilitate compliance and will serve as partners in assuring active community involvement and support for particular projects.